Shallotte Virus RemovalDo you have an unfamiliar program showing up when you turn on your computer, saying that it’s checking for system errors then telling you that you need to pay money to remove the errors after it’s done “scanning”? Do you have pop-ups and a bunch of advertisements when you browse the internet? Your PC is probably infected with malware, viruses, or spyware.

Malware Removal


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Malware IconAt Trusty Techs, we pride ourselves on providing fast, thorough cleanup for viruses, malware, and spyware issues. Typical cleanup from other computer repair shops and services only offer a quick scan and they’ll pretend it’s finished, only to leave you re-infected with the same problems in a week.

Trusty Techs uses a hard-hitting suite of 6-8 different scans to thoroughly eradicate any malicious software and infections from your system. Our clean-up/optimization service will leave your computer running better than before. Not only are we more thorough, thoughtful, and caring than the competition, we are also faster. You’ll typically have your computer picked up, delivered, and back on your desk within 1-2 days. However, sometimes more serious infections will need more attention and care, which will require more time.

Malware Removal

Just look at all this service you get for only $90

  • Computer Support in ShallotteFREE Antivirus is installed if your current antivirus is expiring, or you just don’t like it any more (looking at you Norton, McAfee, and Trend Micro!)
  • FREE Pickup/Delivery for all our customers in Shallotte, Supply, and Holden Beach! **Regular pickup/delivery fee of $20 applies to all other customers in Brunswick County.**
  • 6-10 Malware/Virus/Spyware/Rootkit Scans searching your computer and destroying any and all infections. The number of scans we use depends on how badly infected your system is. Each scan finds something a little different.
  • Browser Cleanup/Optimization will ensure that your web browsing is secure and fast so you can load pages more quickly and be more productive!
  • Registry Scanning thoroughly checks your system’s back-end to make sure no malware, viruses, or spyware are hiding in your system configuration set to re-infect your computer.
  • Temporary File Cleaning removes junk files that build up over the years allowing you to reclaim valuable hard drive space and streamline your hard drive read/write operations. Also, malware, viruses, or spyware can also hide in the temporary files, so any remaining bits and pieces of your infection are also removed.
  • System File Scanning checks to make sure that your Windows system files weren’t changed by the malware, viruses, or spyware infection. This will help to ensure that you won’t get re-infected.
  • Hard Drive Sector Scanning checks your hard drive for bad sectors, which is where your data is physically stored. If bad sectors are detected, your data will be moved to a spot on the hard drive that has good sectors. This helps performance and prevents your important personal or system data from being corrupted. This isn’t related to a malware infection, however, just another example of how Trusty Techs goes above and beyond for every customer.
  • Windows Updates ensures that your system is loaded with the latest security patches and bug fixes for your Windows operating system. This helps to prevent future infections and helps your computer run better.
  • Update Programs such as your web browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Adobe Reader, Java, Silverlight, Flash, etc.
  • Ad-Block Installed into your Firefox or Google Chrome browser so you don’t see all those annoying ads that take up your whole screen when you go to Yahoo and other sites. Plus, it helps speed up loading your web pages a little bit since it’s not taking the time to try to load the ads.


Re-install Windows if infection is too bad

Microsoft Windows RepairSometimes a PC can be so infected that it completely ruins the Windows installation. If this is the case, we will backup any personal data and re-install your Windows version including drivers, updates, typical software, and re-import your data. The only additional charge for this would be for the data recovery & backup, which is $35. If you don’t need any data backed up, great, then it’s still the same $80 fee and you don’t pay any extra! Only rarely does a system need to have the hard drive formatted and the whole operating system re-installed, but it does happen from time to time. This can typically be detected early on in the cleanup process so we can get the Windows installation rolling out immediately. However, re-installing the entire Windows operating system as well as the updates, drivers, and basic programs will take a little more time.

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Trusty Techs
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 2 reviews
by Mark on Trusty Techs
Computer runs better than ever!

He cleaned the popups and junk off my laptop and it seems to work faster than before. He also put on free office programs for me!

by Sarah D. on Trusty Techs
Computer runs faster than it did when it was new!!

My computer was unusable with all the stuff that kept popping up on my screen. Dave at Trusty Techs picked up my computer took it to their office to clean it up and delivered it back to me the next day! Not sure how he did it, but my computer runs faster now than it did when it was brand new!! Much service, great value!!

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