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Unfamiliar program showing up when you turn on your computer, saying that it’s checking for system errors then telling you that you need to pay money to remove the errors after it’s done “scanning”? Do you have pop-ups and a bunch of advertisements when you browse the internet? Your PC is probably infected with malware, viruses, or spyware.

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Virus/Malware/Spyware Removal

Are you getting weird popups, seeing way more advertisements, computer slower than usual, or doing weird things? You may have a malware infection! Trusty Techs runs a thorough process of approximately 5-8 different scans, depending how serious your system infection is. Each scan finds different things, so it’s guaranteed to ensure that your system is completely cleaned up and running better than before.

And after your system is thoroughly cleaned up, we also run a myriad of other system optimization utilities and processes. This means your computer will most like run better than it did when you first pulled it out of the box!

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