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Shallotte Computer Repair

Trusty Techs will take care of all your computer related issues for your home or small business. Our years of experience serving many businesses and customers in Brunswick County combined with our superior customer service make our computer repair service stand out from the crowd. Superior customer service, and superior computer repair make a winning combination! But don’t take our word for it, both our Google reviews and Facebook reviews are 5-stars and serve as proof that you are in good hands with Trusty Techs! We treat every system as if it were our own and constantly go above and beyond for every customer that allows us the opportunity to service their desktops or laptops.

Just a Few of Our Computer Repair and Support Services

  • Fix Windows system file corruption and booting issues
  • Performance optimization and computer tune-up
  • Virus, malware, and spyware removal
  • New computer setup
  • Power supply replacement
  • Great deals on new and refurbished computers
  • DVD drive replacements
  • Memory upgrades
  • Video card installation and upgrades
  • Custom computer builds
  • Upgrade from hard drive (HDD) to solid-state drive (SSD)
  • Add in more storage space with an extra hard drive
  • Upgrade Windows version
  • Complete format and fresh Windows installation
  • Transfer data between computers
  • Online backup with cloud data back up solutions
  • Monitor replacement for desktops
  • Multiple monitor setup
  • Monitor arm installation for single or multiple monitors
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Laptop keyboard replacement
  • Laptop hinge replacement
  • Laptop hard drive replacement
  • Upgrade laptop hard drive to a solid-state drive for faster performance and more durable
  • Router installation, wired and wireless (wifi) networking
  • Printer installation, wired, networked, or wireless (wifi printer)
  • And much more!

FREE Estimates, and Typically Over the Phone

FREE Estimates, and Typically Over the Phone

We treat our customers with the respect they deserve, which means no charge just to look at your computer like other shops charge. At Trusty Techs, we ALWAYS do FREE estimates, and typically over the phone! Now of course, some issues require a technician to get hands-on with the system to see specifically what the problem is, or at least how much the repairs will be. Never any silly bench fees, or charges just to have your system looked at.

Virus, Malware, & Spyware Removal

Virus, Malware, & Spyware Removal

Are you getting weird popups, seeing way more advertisements, computer slower than usual, or doing weird things? You may have a malware infection! We don’t just run a free internet scan and consider your computer clean like the other shops do. Trusty Techs runs a thorough process of approximately 5-8 different scans, depending how serious your system infection is. Each scan finds different things, so it’s guaranteed to ensure that your system is completely cleaned up and running better than before. And after your system is thoroughly cleaned up, we also run a myriad of other system optimization utilities and processes. This means your computer will most like run better than it did when you first pulled it out of the box!

Hardware Troubleshooting, Replacement, & Upgrades

Hardware Troubleshooting, Replacement, & Upgrades

Our years of experience with different types of systems means that we will quickly troubleshoot your system with accuracy so you aren’t buying parts you don’t need and aren’t stuck without your computer for weeks. Call us today to experience the finest in Shallotte computer repair.

Data Recovery, Backup, & Transfer

Hard Drive Data Recovery & Backup

Computer won’t boot up and you need your data off ASAP for school or work. Trusty Techs can help! Hard drives are one of the most typical points of failure in a computer, since they have so many moving parts and are susceptible to impact damage. Dropping, or even bumping, a laptop while the hard drive is on can completely ruin the drive. Trusty Techs understands how valuable the data your data is to you. Most if cannot be replaced, so always have backups (use an online backup service) to prevent catastrophic data loss. If you have no backups, Trusty Techs can perform data recovery and backup for you. If the hard drive too mechanically broken to recover the data from normal methods and procedures, we are partners with a clean-room recovery laboratory in California and they can perform component-level data recovery to get that data back for you!

Laptop Screen & Keyboard Replacement

Broken Laptop Screen

Dropped your laptop, or stepped on it, and now the screen is broken? We can fix your broken laptop screen and make your laptop good as new!

Did you spill a drink in your laptop’s keyboard and now it’s not working properly? Lose keys on your keyboard? We can also replace laptop keyboards and bring it back to full-functioning status so you can get back to work!

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by Barbara C. on Trusty Techs
Great service!

I called Trusty Techs and they sent someone out to fix my laptop very quickly!!!