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Cloud backup is a fancy term for backing up your files a to bunch of redundant servers somewhere over the internet in a data center. But why would want to backup your important files onto remote servers instead of an external hard drive that you have on your desk, or your USB flash drive that you carry with you? Well, hard drives and USB flash drives wear out, break over time, or get lost/damaged. Those remote servers that are backing up your data run with redundancy and fault tolerance, meaning that if one of the multiple hard drives inside the server holding your data eventually fails, the other hard drives in the array still whir away maintaining the integrity of your data. So, while backing up to your external hard drive or flash drive is better than nothing, backing up to an online backup service is the ideal method to securing your important data.


Download Backblaze Free Trial

Which Online Backup Service Should I Use?

Trusty Techs has checked out all the major cloud backup services like Mozy, Carbonite, CrashPlan, etc., but we’ve found that the best online backup service, in terms of value, quality, an functionality for home and small business users is Backblaze. Unlike other remote backup services, Backblaze is only $50/year for unlimited backups and it has the capability to locate your computer if it is ever lost or stolen.

Backblaze is very easy to setup, even if you’ve never setup backup software before, so don’t feel intimidated to give it a try. Backblaze allows you to try their backup service for free for 15-days. If you decide to buy, just log into Backblaze.com with the email/password you used during the trial setup and purchase the full version. Pricing for 1 computer is $5/month, $50/year (save $10), $95/2-years (save $25).

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Download Backblaze Free Trial

Backblaze Will Also Locate Your Lost/Stolen Computer

Locate Lost/Stolen Computer
Locate Lost/Stolen Computer
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  1. Thanks, Dave, for recommending me to use this Back Blaze program to backup my pictures and documents. It was really easy to setup and the $5 per month is well worth the peace of mind that it provides.

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